Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

It was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a horse?


Christmas means different things to different people all over the world. it’s a wonderful time of the year. Time to spend time with family and reflect on the year and prepare for the upcoming new year. New years is right around the corner and with it comes another busy season for the dude ranches here in Wyoming.

Wyoming dude ranches take this time to spend with family, relax and recoup from the busy season and to prepare for the next season. Horses take this time to rest up and get fattened up for the next year. During the winter months our ranches take the time to work on any maintenance projects pending from the summer months. Maintenance includes, repairing cabins, fences, horse saddles and bridles.

With all of this going on there is still some time to celebrate the holidays here in Wyoming. Christmas trees go up and a nice warm fire is started to heat up the cozy cabin. Some good Cowboy coffee gets prepared on the stove just in time for a relaxing evening cuddled up on a comfy chair with friends and family to swap stories and reminisce about the passing year.

Outside chores are not exempt during the holidays. Horses still need to be fed and tended to. Cows need to be checked on and made sure they are not sick. There is still time to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s in a Wyoming Ranch. Nothing is more magical than a horse drawn sleigh ride on fresh powder.



It is nice quiet and calm night this holiday season In Wyoming as we celebrate this Christmas. On behalf of the Wyoming Dude Ranchers association we wish all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Hurricanes, Earth quakes, and Fires

Hurricanes, Earth quakes, and Fires

Natural disasters

There has been a lot of natural disasters in the news lately concerning Hurricanes, Earth quakes, and fires. Natural disasters are happening everywhere and affecting various states and countries Alike. In the last couples months we have seen fires in Montana and Wyoming, earthquakes in Mexico and central america, and Hurricanes in Florida, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Texas and Mexico.

natural disasters in the state of Wyoming

Wyoming does not experience Hurricanes but Earth quakes and Fires are not a rare occurrence to this beautiful state. Earth quakes occur occasionally but are hardly big enough to reach national television. Fires are more problematic and periodically make national news. Although Hurricanes and Earth quakes are not caused by human influence, fires at times have been known to be caused by human error.

Humans and Fires

Many are aware of forest fires and see the results of it in Yellowstone.  Fires may occur in three different ways; Lightning strike, campfire or human started accidental fire, and controlled fires.

Lightning Strike

High Spots in the area and tall trees are an attraction to Lightning strikes.

Campfire or accidental fire

Campers may at times make the mistake of not being sure that their campfires are completely out. Coals need to be cold before leaving a campsite. uncontrolled fires are also often caused by unattended fires that often times pop embers out of the fire pit, catching fire on surrounding dry grass.

Controlled Fires

The National Forest service conduct controlled fires. controlled fires are important for natural growth and re establishing rich soil.


Post Solar ecplipse

The Solar Eclipse was a success here in Wyoming. Many guests came from around the world to come and see this historical site. This was the first full solar eclipse in this area in many years and was really a special moment to share with guests. Now that we are at Post solar eclipse , people are hungry to see another one. No worries. the next solar eclipse is said to take place in Mexico, central and south America.

Here at the ranches, the horses did not seem to mind taking a break from the sunny day. There was not a cloud in the sky for the solar eclipse. The glasses proved to be very essential for the whole experience. During the eclipse everyone could feel a significant difference in the suns heat. It seemed to be alot cooler during all stages if the solar eclipse. Here are but a few pics of our various ranches who captured this moment for all to see

Summer is here!

Summer is here!


Summer is here and our Wyoming Ranches are getting ready for the guests arrival. It’s time to dust the lampshades, remove the cob webs from the window ceils and bring out the fresh linens to give the cabins a proper face lift.

Although some ranches stay open all year long, a lot of ranches go to sleep for the winter. It’s during these spring months that the ranches use this time to prep for opening. Some of this prep work includes clearing horse trails, cleaning saddles and bridles, organizing cabins, and of course a lot of landscaping and arranging.

Summer employees also start coming in and getting settled and trained during this time and take this time to learn everything there is to know to ensure the guests an authentic western experience. Don’t be fooled clearing trail is not as easy as it looks. If some of these horse trails go through national wilderness, only hand saws and axes can be used to cut and clear logs. After a long windy winter, there are bound to be many down trees and branches on the trail.


Let’s not forget the horses! Before the guests arrive the horses get their shoes on and their legs stretched out as they guide the new wranglers and show them everything they need to know about the trails. These horses have had a long winter vacationing and relaxing and getting fat off of their summer hay. During the winter, the horses will either stay at the ranch or will be turned out into bigger pastures. Where they can run and roam freely.

Since the horses have been on vacation they have to be conditioned and get back into shape in order to take guests out on trail rides. Horses undergo some fine tuning during this time as they fall out of practice.

When the guests arrive to the ranches there is not one detail missed. From the cabins, to the kitchen all the way to the barn, everything is fine tuned and ready to go for an unforgettable vacation.

Happy New Years!! 2017- Eclipse

New Years

2017  is here and many are already planning their new years resolutions and big plans for the year. This year will be the year of the solar eclipse! If you don’t already know about it, mark your calendars!

The Eclipse

This event will take place on August 21, 2017. In addition, this will be the first total solar eclipse visible from the continental United States in nearly four decades.  Wyoming is one of the best places to view this special event. In Wyoming you can witness this special event without pollution or giant buildings.

7d Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association, eclipse

7d Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association

Stay at a dude ranch for the eclipse 

We at the Wyoming dude ranchers association can help achieve this perfect experience. You can enjoy this full experience with your family while also enjoying the fresh air and great hospitable service that only comes with a dude ranch experience. Furthermore by coming out to a dude ranch, it will give you a chance to really appreciate the great outdoors. Lastly It will be an experience you will cherish year after year!





Christmas In Wyoming

Christmas is Finally here!! We are all ready to celebrate Christmas here at the Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association. Did you know that some dude ranches stay open even through the winter? It may be a little hard to believe, but there are things to do over the winter months at a dude ranch. There are activities like snowmobiling and horseback riding.

Never a dull moment at a Wyoming Dude Ranch even in the winter. Check out our specialty weeks and see if any of our ranches have any specials going on that you can surprise your family with this christmas

Veterans Day

Veterans Day



With all the excitement of the Election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump out of the way, we can relax and reflect on Veterans Day. On this special day, we observe and appreciate the sacrifice that our armed forces make. Its because of our armed forces that we can live in a country that is free and safe. The Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association salutes and thanks all those who have served our country.

What do people look for when they come to visit the United States? Is it our amusement parks? Is it our diverse landscape? Or perhaps is it the America that they see on T.V. that is not like any other land in this world?

When people think of America, they think of; statue of liberty, the White House, Disney Land, the land of the free and wide open spaces. They think of a land of opportunity and about the early settlements. Christopher Columbus, Ellis Island, and cowboys and Indians.

US History

In todays day in age we are all busy with glamour, fashion, social media and city lights. There are only a few places left in the U.S. that have been preserved from the hustle and bustle. Here in Wyoming we have one of the few places left in the United States where anyone can still go outside and see the stars at night without any interference from city lights.  In Wyoming you can slip back in time and enjoyed the unspoiled beauty around you. Traffic in Wyoming is Bison blocking the road and the only thief around here is the common pack rat who is known to scavenge anything shiny it sees.


Wyoming Dude Ranches

Here in the Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association we strive to give guests a little taste of that old U.S. history. When you come to one of our ranches, you can almost imagine what it must have been like to discover this beautiful land. When your planning your next (family) vacation, consider visiting one of our Wyoming Dude ranches and get a little taste of that old U.S. history.

Summer is almost here 4/27/2016

Summer is just around the corner! The flowers are starting to bloom and people are dusting their back patios, bringing out the cushions and throw pillows to spruce up their yards for BBQ season. If you have kids, they are probably wondering what your planning for their next fun adventure. Although Disneyland Park, originally Disney may be a magical adventure and it may be fun to visit Minnie and Mickie, it is nice to see something new.
Many families choose to go to places like Universal studios Hollywood, knots berry farm, and sea world year after year with their families, but find themselves thirsty to try a new adventure that is both magical for both young and old. The Wyoming dude ranchers association can give you just that. Enjoy the unspoiled outdoors, clean air, and miles and miles of adventure while on horseback or in some cases ATV’S
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Even Harry Potter enjoyed some time in the wide open country side when he was on break from Hogwarts and the wizarding world. Just as Harry Potter fly’s through the air on his magical broom, so can you, while feeling the wind blow through your hair as you gallop on horseback through the countryside in Wyoming.
Worried about all the costs that come with planning such an extravagant vacation? Not to worry, many of our ranches in the Wyoming dude ranchers association provide an all-inclusive stay. Once you arrive you never have to worry about where the kids have run off to and if they are safe.
They are safe and sound as if they were in the backyard back home. So before you consider going to another year at one of your go-to vacations spots, consider going outside the box, into the unknown, and onto a new adventure at one of our dude ranches.

St. Patrick’s day 3/18/2016

St Patrick’s Day is a very special day for the Irish people and for the rest of the world. St Patrick’s Day has become a globally recognized holiday for many to enjoy. Don’t forget to wear your green today to support the Irish. St. Patrick’s Day is the day of the Leprechaun and clovers for adults and children all over the world. I remember as a child, going out during recess trying to find a four leaf clover out on the grass.

In the dude ranching world St. Patrick’s Day holds a very special reminder of how grateful we are for the clover. Horses naturally eat grass as their source of energy and survival. Clover is an extra treat for the horses as clover in hay has higher protein than regular grass concentrated hay. Like anything else, Clover is to be taken in moderation as it can cause horse conditions such as slobbers and photosensitivity.

Just remember as you celebrate you St. Patrick’s Day, that the Wyoming dude ranches loves this special day as well as the horses.

Valentine’s Day 2/12/2016

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to surprise your sweetheart than with a romantic getaway to a cozy private cabin in one of the most beautiful areas in the United States. Wyoming has several things to offer that will prove to be an enjoyable and romantic getaway. Rediscover your significant others adventurous side; Loping down the trail on horseback, hiking up to breathtaking vistas, or whitewater rafting down a daring river.

Want to slow it down and smell the wildflowers? No problem! Our Wyoming dude ranches can do that too. Enjoy a relaxing day alongside the river fly fishing or spend a tranquil day by the pool. The Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association has a wide variety of ranches to fit your needs and tastes.  Some of our Wyoming ranches even have in house massage therapists and spa facilities for you and your sweetheart to relax and enjoy.

Have children? No Problem, many of our Wyoming Dude ranches have kids programs which can keep the kids busy while couples take a break from the busy life. Many ranches have kids programs which include riding and learning about horses while disconnecting with technology and reconnecting with nature. Remember TV shows like Leave it to Beaver, Lassie, and Dennis the Menace? Kids can play amongst other kids and have fun adventures at one of our Dude Ranches, Just as it was when you were a kid growing up.

Whether you’re planning on a valentines surprise to re-light the fire or to just to spend quality time with your loved ones, a Wyoming dude ranch will be a great choice and prove to be your best getaway yet. Packed with adventure, leisure, and outdoors all in one place, you cannot go wrong with planning a vacation at one of our Wyoming Dude Ranches!

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