Red Reflet, What can I say about this ranch, but Wow. This Luxury resort guest ranch definitely meets the needs of those who want to have a high end modern ranch experience. Located outside of the little town of Ten Sleep, This beautiful ranch has the perfect concept of quiet and private.


When I arrived at Red Reflet I was definitely surprised by all the beautiful panoramic views that the main lodge has to offer. The food is also to perfection as most of the produce comes from the ranches own private green house. Even the eggs at the ranch come from their own chickens.


The accommodations (chalets) are very modern and private. The owner of the ranch, Bob Kaplan designed each one of these beautiful Chalets and main lodge. As I talked to him, he had taught me that as he designed each building with the vision of bringing the outside beauty into each space. Bob told me that most of the interior spaces we’re used to, focus on keeping the inside separate from any outside influence. In each of the Red Reflet structures, there are floor to ceiling windows with breathtaking views and a refreshing and rejuvenating environment. Not to worry, each of the 5 chalets are designed and spread out to ensure privacy and the best views from every angle.


In this fully stocked Chalet, I was able to enjoy high speed internet, (as the ranch has its own internet that blankets the whole ranch), DirectTV, and even my own private phone line. The chalet is stocked with all your necessities including; a fully stocked kitchen, laundry room, games and puzzles in the family room, and toiletries such as; shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, blow dryer, and even specific things like feminine products in case of emergency for us ladies who sometimes forget to pack these kinds of things. Wow, how refreshing is this, that Red Reflet has thought of everything. There is even a hot tub at every chalet for your own personal use. No need to share or wait your turn, you can enjoy your hot tub experience at your leisure without worrying about being intruding.


Another thing that shocked me was when I went into the fridge and noticed that it was fully stocked with all of my necessities. Red Reflet has its guests fill out a questionnaire that includes all of your desired foods and make sure that you have all your favorites in your refrigerator when you come into your chalet.


What a neat addition to an amazing experience. Breakfast is self prepared, while Lunch and dinner is prepared by the ranch. Not to worry, Housekeeping will do your dishes for you. A really neat thing about lunch and dinner is that Bob and Laurence are there and are more than happy to talk to you about the ranch and answer any questions you may have.


Now as hard as it is to believe, Red Reflet is also a working cattle ranch. Some of these purebred Angus cows serve as a source of whole foods for guests, with no antibiotics or hormones. You can also cowboy up and throw on some chinks (cowboy chaps) from Red Reflet’s gift shop and go out with the cowboys and move cows and check fences.


With over 27,000 acres of un-manicured property of red rimrock, rolling foothills, aspen forest, limestone canyons, and mountain meadows you can choose to cowboy on horseback and explore, hike, or 4-Wheel or Dirt bike around. Yes, I said 4-Wheel and Dirt bike. When you come into the ranch you can choose your toy and it’s yours till you leave the ranch.


Some other neat perks to coming and visiting Red Reflet is the Theatre room in the main lodge with approx 100 movies for kids to choose from and DirectTV, swimming in their 30 ft pool, shoot at their rifle range or skeet shoot, mountain bike, enjoy their fitness center, fly fishing in either a practice pond,  reservoirs for pan fishing, or amazing fishing with brown and rainbow trout, and even a zip line. Wow a zip line, yes you can enjoy Red Reflets 4 course zip line as you fly through the air.


The thing that I learned most about this ranch and part of their ranch slogan is to “do what you want when you want to”. This really is a ranch that is geared toward you doing what you want when you want to, from all the activities provided, even down to when you want to have lunch and dinner. There is no set time for anything. Red Reflet works around your schedule and will accommodate to when and where you want to do things.


Between the breath taking scenery, beautiful chalets, and accommodating staff, Red Reflet is a ranch to definitely add to your go to list.