With super bowl 2016 already here, the Budweiser Clydesdale’s are getting harnessed up and getting ready for the big game. Taking a step back, one has to wonder what other uses these magnificent work horses serve in today’s world. For the Wyoming Dude Ranches Association, Wyoming Dude Ranches use work horses for many things such as; feeding, Children’s activities, wagon rides, packing and weddings.

Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association- Red Rock Ranch

These are but a few things these gentle giants can do. Working horses, including Clydesdales, are known for their gentle and calm nature, which is a good attribute to have when pulling a wagon, or packing valuables on a camping trip.

Feeding is an important job for these working horses during the winters. At times the Wyoming weather gets to be too rough to feed by truck. This is when the horses come in! They get harnessed up to pull a sleigh full of hay to feed all the horses.

Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association Red Rock Ranch

It is rewarding to witness your kid’s enjoying an exciting wagon ride pulled by these work horses as they help the wranglers feed the herd for the evening. Some of our Wyoming dude ranches also include children’s activities that include a wagon ride to a spot will have sing along campfires with s’mores, hotdogs, hamburgers and stories.


Working horses are not just for wagon rides and children’s activities! Adults can experience them first hand as well! Many of the Wyoming Dude Ranch work horses also serve as pack horses. They can pack necessities for camping/ hunting trips, such as; pots, pans, food, axes, tents, wood, etc. Working horses can even pack people. Yes, these working horses can also be ridden. Wyoming Dude Ranches often use working horses as mounts for adults of all shapes and sizes, from the tall basketball players to the buff defense NFL athletes. There are no boundaries for these working horses.

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As you sit to enjoy your super bowl Panthers vs. Broncos game and see the Budweiser Clydesdales, remember there are plenty of these strong, gentle giants in Wyoming waiting for you and your family to come and visit!