For many individuals, working at a Wyoming Dude and Guest Ranch is a dream come true and looks like the ideal job, and in many ways it is. If you love interacting with people, the outdoors and working very hard it is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding jobs out there. Most Wyoming dude ranch employment is seasonal, but a number of ranches have a few year-round employees.

During the guest season, ranches need a variety of staff with different skills and backgrounds to fill positions ranging from kitchen to wait staff, housekeeping, wranglers, maintenance, office, etc.

While working at a guest ranch is great fun, it means hard work and putting in long hours. The most important thing to remember is that you are there to show the guests a great time during their vacation.

Wyoming Dude Ranch Employment Opportunities

CM Ranch

housekeeping and waitstaff for 2019 summer

Bitterroot Ranch

Assistant Cook and Wrangler needed for 2019 summer

Red Rock Ranch

Wranglers are needed for 2019 summer

Lazy L & B

Wranglers are needed for 2019 summer

R Lazy S 

Maintenance; April 29th – October 9th. 

Must be 21 with a valid drivers license and a clean driving record. 
Duties include; maintenance for buildings and vehicles, irrigation, airport shuttles, light bartending, driving Ranch boat. 
Cook/ Prep-Cook: May 27th – October 3rd. 
Assisting Head Chef and Assistant Chef, professional food service experience required, baking skills helpful.
Send resume with references to: [email protected]

Eatons’ Ranch

Employment opportunities in all departments which include: servers, housekeepers, office and kitchen staff

Vee Bar

Summer Activities Coordinator — Accepting applications for summer 2018

The Vee Bar Guest Ranch is hiring someone who can assist with planning and facilitating non-riding activities.  Activities in addition to horseback riding that the Vee Bar has done in the past include pasture golf, a stampede race, line dancing, hiking trips, games at our campsite, and much more.  The Vee Bar is looking for a fun-loving, young at heart, kind, outgoing, and responsible individual to help plan and facilitate new activities during the summer guest ranchseason, June through the end of August.  Other duties might include dining room work and driving a van to transport guests to/from activities and the airport.  For this reason, applicants must be 21 years or older and have a clean driving record.  Applicants should expect busy days, early mornings and/or late nights.  At times, the applicant will be responsible for hosting activities with guests as the only staff-member host.  The applicant will need to be adaptable, be a problem-solver, and be able to work with people of all ages—kids and adults!  Find an application on our website.


Servers and housekeepers– Accepting applications

Summer servers are responsible for setting up buffet meals for guest ranch guests.  Most meals take place in the main lodge but some are served off-location.  In this case, packing supplies, transporting supplies, setting up and serving the meal, and cleaning up will be part of the servers duties.  This position is often combined with housekeeping.  Three meals per day are served Monday–Friday.  Breakfast is served on Saturdays.  Breakfast and dinners are served on Sundays.  The Vee Bar hires 3-4 servers and housekeepers.  Servers are expected to be professional, personable, and reliable workers.  Dining room duties will include setting up for meals, serving guests, clearing plates, cleaning the dining room, doing dishes, and tidying up the kitchen.  Depending on the number of hours the employee is seeking, the employee may be hired to work several shifts which could include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or housekeeping shifts.  During the interview these possibilities will be discussed.  There is one position available which includes room and board; there is one position available which does NOT include room and board.  Find an application on our

Please visit our website http://veebar.com/family-guest- ranch/wyoming-dude- ranch-jobs/

Lost Creek

  • Server and Head Server, Chefs, Wranglers, River Guide and Skeet Master

Moose Head

  • Wranglers: work primarily with the horses and rides.  They also mop, empty trash, cut lawns, chop wood, stack hay (90 pound bales), pound nails, repair fences and septic, basically you should be willing to do whatever is asked of you.  Please do not apply if you can not perform all of these tasks well.
  • Housekeeping/Waitstaff: This is a combination job where you work in the kitchen doing dishes, cleaning pots and pans on a rotating basis, as well as waiting on tables and cleaning cabins daily.
  • Sous Chef & Prep Chef: These positions will work with our returning Chef, and must also be able to work independently.  Will be responsible for breakfast, cookouts and other preparations. Long hours starting at 6 AM, 6 days a week.
    Staff is needed from May 20- Aug. 16

Triangle X

  • Housekeeping

CM Ranch

  • The CM Ranch is seeking a head chef for our summer season: Mid May – End of September. Job Description: Looking for a well groomed, outgoing, and flexible team player that can be in charge of managing all aspects of our kitchen. Must be able to cook upscale American cuisine in large quantities (our capacity is 50-55 guests plus 30 employees). Our chef will work closely with the ranch managers on managing the food budget and ordering. Being able to accommodate special dietary needs (gluten free and vegetarians) is a must. I would prefer that you enjoy working in the tourism business, and “like” people in general. It will be helpful to have someone who has a deep appreciation of the outdoors and can cook over an open fire with a dutch oven. We offer free room and board with your own cabin, and a base salary plus gratuity. The CM Ranch is a dude ranch with a fine reputation that has specialized in family vacations since 1927. We are located 6 miles east of the small town of Dubois, Wyoming, in a secluded valley of the Wind River Mountain Range. The CM is 80 miles from Jackson Hole, and 53 miles from the South Entrance of Yellowstone Park. Please send your resume to: [email protected]
  • Nanny Position: We are looking for a Nanny to take care of three darling children ages: 5, 5, and 2 from May until the end of September. The right candidate must be flexible, organized, outgoing, energetic, patient, and most importantly, LOVE children. The Nanny is responsible for getting kids to breakfast, and lunch, and preparing daily activities 6 days a week. Duties do include light household cleaning (picking up and putting away toys, dirty clothes, washing used dishes, etc.) and children’s laundry. Days start around 6:30 and can end around 8:30 on some days. Salary plus opportunity to make extra money by babysitting guest children when needed. Room and board, laundry facilities, and internet access is included. Please email your resume to the CM Ranch: [email protected]


  • 1 Wrangler
    1 Host/Hostess
    1 Waitstaff
    1 Housekeeper

Gros Ventre River Ranch


Wranglers are responsible for the care of a cavy of 80 horses, preparing
horses for and the guiding of daily trail rides. On the trail, wranglers are
responsible for the safety of horses and guests. We offer two rides a day
approximately two hours in length Monday-Saturday. In addition to the two
hour rides we offer a couple all day and cookout rides during the week.
Previous horse experience is a necessity. To properly accomplish the job
required, a wrangler will be responsible and aware; have a clean western
look, i.e. cowboy hat, boots, jeans, long-sleeved shirt; develop human
relations skills; remember names and faces; communicate effectively on
trails; use safety first as a priority, then enjoyment; learn the area of
operation i.e. mountain and flower names, geology, history etc.; possess an
in-depth knowledge of his horse herd, tack and riding techniques. As a
wrangler at the GVRR you will also need to learn the trails and terrain in a
40 square mile area. This area covers portions of Grand Teton National Park,
Gros Ventre Wilderness, National Elk Refuge and Bridger Teton National


Maintenance personnel are responsible for the care and maintenance of ranch
premises, equipment and building. Maintenance persons will also be
responsible for airport and town runs, so a valid driver’s license and good
driving record are essential. Duties will vary from light construction,
electrical and plumbing to vehicle maintenance and grounds keeping.
Experience in these areas is a plus but not a necessity.


We are looking for an individual with fly fishing experience (no teaching
experience required, but must be passionate about sharing this sport with
others), as well as an interest in general maintenance. Our guide will teach
both children and adults the ins and outs of fly fishing, while keeping our
guests safe, comfortable and engaged. Must love interacting with a wide
variety of people, and be able to handle working with large groups of

This job also involves helping out our full-time maintenance personnel.
Maintenance personnel are responsible for the care and maintenance of ranch
premises, equipment and building. Maintenance persons and the fly fishing
guide will also be responsible for airport and town runs, so a valid
driver’s license and good driving record are essential. Duties will vary
from light construction, electrical and plumbing to vehicle maintenance and
grounds keeping. Experience in these areas is a plus but not a necessity.


The woodsman position is a maintenance type position that involves the
felling and climbing of trees and the cutting/splitting/stacking of
firewood. The woodsman is also responsible for maintaining any equipment
he/she uses. As a maintenance position, woodsman may need to fill in for
maintenance on days off, etc. Experience using chainsaws preferred.


Responsibilities will vary and include meal preparation, salads, soups,
sauces and appetizers. Prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for 20 staff
members each day. Must provide special attention to plate presentation and
grilled foods. Sous chef will assist head chef, help with inventory and
maintain safe and healthy working environment. Will share the clean up
responsibilities (i.e. pots and pans, kitchen cleanliness, etc.) with our
head chef and pastry chef. This is a seasonal position available May
15-October 15. We provide competitive salary, room and board and end of
season bonus.


Our housekeeping and wait staff personnel are a team of about eight
individuals. Duties will be split and shared by each member of the
team-alternating each week with four on housekeeping staff and four on wait
staff. Housekeeping duties include, but are not limited to, daily cleaning
of nine (9) guest cabins, our main lodge, a small exercise room, and
laundering guest cabin linens. Housekeepers also rotate between a nightly
guest cabin turndown services.

Wait staff duties include, but are not limited to, daily meal service to
approximately 40 guests both inside the dining room and outdoors, setting up
and tearing down before and after each meal, basic preparation for each
meal, the making of sack lunches when needed, maintaining the cleanliness of
the kitchen, staff dining room and guest dining room. Because this position
interacts directly with our guests, we encourage our wait staff to learn the
faces and names of our guests and remember the details of their eating
preferences. The more you can learn their preferences and anticipate their
needs, the better their experience will be at our Ranch. Wait staff will
also rotate between dishwashing duties throughout the week and are
responsible for setting up and cleaning up each staff meal.

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