St Patrick’s Day is a very special day for the Irish people and for the rest of the world. St Patrick’s Day has become a globally recognized holiday for many to enjoy. Don’t forget to wear your green today to support the Irish. St. Patrick’s Day is the day of the Leprechaun and clovers for adults and children all over the world. I remember as a child, going out during recess trying to find a four leaf clover out on the grass.

In the dude ranching world St. Patrick’s Day holds a very special reminder of how grateful we are for the clover. Horses naturally eat grass as their source of energy and survival. Clover is an extra treat for the horses as clover in hay has higher protein than regular grass concentrated hay. Like anything else, Clover is to be taken in moderation as it can cause horse conditions such as slobbers and photosensitivity.

Just remember as you celebrate you St. Patrick’s Day, that the Wyoming dude ranches loves this special day as well as the horses.