Summer is here and our Wyoming Ranches are getting ready for the guests arrival. It’s time to dust the lampshades, remove the cob webs from the window ceils and bring out the fresh linens to give the cabins a proper face lift.

Although some ranches stay open all year long, a lot of ranches go to sleep for the winter. It’s during these spring months that the ranches use this time to prep for opening. Some of this prep work includes clearing horse trails, cleaning saddles and bridles, organizing cabins, and of course a lot of landscaping and arranging.

Summer employees also start coming in and getting settled and trained during this time and take this time to learn everything there is to know to ensure the guests an authentic western experience. Don’t be fooled clearing trail is not as easy as it looks. If some of these horse trails go through national wilderness, only hand saws and axes can be used to cut and clear logs. After a long windy winter, there are bound to be many down trees and branches on the trail.

Let’s not forget the horses! Before the guests arrive the horses get their shoes on and their legs stretched out as they guide the new wranglers and show them everything they need to know about the trails. These horses have had a long winter vacationing and relaxing and getting fat off of their summer hay. During the winter, the horses will either stay at the ranch or will be turned out into bigger pastures. Where they can run and roam freely.

Since the horses have been on vacation they have to be conditioned and get back into shape in order to take guests out on trail rides. Horses undergo some fine tuning during this time as they fall out of practice.

When the guests arrive to the ranches there is not one detail missed. From the cabins, to the kitchen all the way to the barn, everything is fine tuned and ready to go for an unforgettable vacation.