Thanksgiving is the start of all the delicious meals to come to wrap up the year. Wyoming dude ranches are not an exception In celebrating this holiday.

Thanksgiving at a Wyoming dude ranch can mean a variety of different guests, vistas, and aromas.

Guests at Wyoming Dude Ranches

Our guests come from all over the world to stay at a Wyoming Dude ranch. Guests come to experience the authentic west and to see cowboys, horses, cows, views and delicious food. Many guests who come to visit a Wyoming dude ranch have concerns that the accommodations will be similar to the old western days. Potential guests first impressions are that accommodations include: tents, sleeping bags and dirt floors. Although some of our Wyoming dude ranches do have camping opportunities, where you can sleep in tents, all of our ranches have mini houses (cabins, chalets) where you can stay.

Wyoming Dude Ranch Experience

While staying at a Wyoming dude ranch, you can expect to see all kinds of views and landscapes. All of our ranches are located in wide open spaces, which is rare to experience in todays 21st century. At our Wyoming dude ranches you can expect to see wildlife, trees, wildflowers, and mountains. There is no shortage of what you can see and experience at a Wyoming dude ranch and there is always an activity for everyone to participate in.


Food at one of our Wyoming dude ranches has proven to be a real treat. Along with your traditional bbq (brisket, corn and potatoes), there are a wide range of all kinds of food that you can expect to experience. Most of our Wyoming Dude ranches offer gourmet meals. Some examples of these gourmet meals include swordfish, lamb, and filet mignon.

A few Dude ranches grow their own produce and even have their own chickens that they collect eggs from. Guests of all ages enjoy accompanying ranchers in collecting eggs and vising the green houses.

Wyoming Dude ranches have a lot to offer and are perfect for any family reunion, wedding, corporate retreat or just a quick get away. Come visit one of our Wyoming Dude Ranches on your next thanksgiving holiday and you will be sure to have a wonderful and memorable experience to be remembered for years to come.