Natasha at Eaton's Ranch

Where they first came up with the word “Dude” in dude ranching. This cozy ranch is tucked away by the serene and mountainous Big Horn National forest. There is quite a bit of history to learn and enjoy here at this beautiful ranch.


As I first pulled into Eaton’s Ranch, I was warmly welcomed and felt right at home. The staff was very helpful, informative and attentive to my questions and needs.


At Eaton’s Ranch you cant help but feel like your going back in time to the old cowboy days, with the ranch having such a historical background being visited by even Theodore Roosevelt who had such a pleasant experience at Eaton’s Ranch that he even wrote a letter to the ranch. This letter can now be seen hanging in the Eaton’s Ranch office.




When I visited Eaton’s ranch, I slept in the most comfortable newly renovated room, upstairs from the main lodge, which gave such an authentic old western movie saloon feel.  In the winter time, the main lodge works as a bed and breakfast, where you can sleep upstairs and then come downstairs for breakfast, Lunch and dinner.



The main lodge area downstairs has a newly renovated saloon where I enjoyed the company of Bonnie, the bar tender and other guests. Eaton’s Ranch made me feel like part of the family while I was there.



Time seems to stop as you relax and enjoy meeting other guests who also share the same joy that comes with staying at such a welcoming and beautiful place.


Mary (fifth generation Eaton) was full of knowledge and really brought the ranch to life for me as what it was like in the old days when her ancestors settled and managed the ranch. It is rare to find ranch owners who are direct ancestry of the original founders of the ranch in the late 1800. The Eaton family truly are a very humble and caring people who have passion for introducing people to the originality of dude ranching.





Many new ranches have embraced and Implemented modern elements into their ranches. Conversely, Eaton’s Ranch has managed to preserve its authenticity, with cozy cabins, many of which date back to the early 1900s.



With 51 Cabins available, each cabin has its own charm and offers different accommodations which can surely meet anyone’s needs.


While exploring around the property, I enjoyed walking along the peaceful Wolf Creek stream which passes through the ranch and offers a breathtaking forest experience and for those who choose to stay in the cabins bordering the stream.


While walking around Eaton’s ranch it is not rare to run into wildlife such as the white tail deer who are frequent guests at Eaton’s Ranch.


Eaton’s Ranch is also one of the few ranches that allow experienced riders to take their own Eaton’s ranch horse out for a self-guided ride. On a self-guided ride you can truly get a feel for what it must have felt like for the original settlers to have explored the area. Not to worry, for those of you who are a little concerned about getting lost, there is an incredible staff of knowledgeable wranglers who can also take you out and show you the ropes of the trail.

What a truly remarkable and amazing visit I had at Eaton’s ranch, where I felt such a warmth and sense of belonging. This truly is a must visit ranch.