Natural Disasters

There has been a lot of natural disasters in the news lately concerning Hurricanes, Earth quakes, and fires. Natural disasters are happening everywhere and affecting various states and countries Alike. In the last couples months we have seen fires in Montana and Wyoming, earthquakes in Mexico and central america, and Hurricanes in Florida, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Texas and Mexico.

Natural Disasters in the State of Wyoming

Wyoming does not experience Hurricanes but Earth quakes and Fires are not a rare occurrence to this beautiful state. Earth quakes occur occasionally but are hardly big enough to reach national television. Fires are more problematic and periodically make national news. Although Hurricanes and Earth quakes are not caused by human influence, fires at times have been known to be caused by human error.

Humans and Fires

Many are aware of forest fires and see the results of it in Yellowstone.  Fires may occur in three different ways; Lightning strike, campfire or human started accidental fire, and controlled fires.

Lightning Strikes

High Spots in the area and tall trees are an attraction to Lightning strikes.

Campfire or Accidental Fires

Campers may at times make the mistake of not being sure that their campfires are completely out. Coals need to be cold before leaving a campsite. uncontrolled fires are also often caused by unattended fires that often times pop embers out of the fire pit, catching fire on surrounding dry grass.

Controlled Fires

The National Forest service conduct controlled fires. controlled fires are important for natural growth and re establishing rich soil.