Photo of horse saddle at one of our members of the Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association

There are many dude ranches throughout Wyoming, but not all ranches carry the Dude Ranchers’ Association, seal of approval. But what is the Dude Ranchers’ Association anyways, and what does it mean for your Western getaway? DRA member ranches undergo a rigorous two-year inspection process and are required to meet the highest dude ranch standards to receive this membership. You can rest assured that every Wyoming Dude Ranchers’ Association member delivers the highest standard of hospitality for your authentic Western getaway!

A Brief Background on the Dude Ranchers’ Association

The Dude Ranchers’ Association began in 1926 due to a dip in the cattle industry and increased hospitality revenue for ranchers. The first DRA meeting was held by ranchers, railroad officials, and national park officials to discuss the future of Western hospitality. They set forth five objectives to help preserve, protect, and promote dude ranch vacations. Nearly 100 years later, the core principles of our association remain the same!

3 Reasons to Choose a Dude Rancher’s Association Member

Today the Dude Ranchers’ Association provides a centralized platform where guests can find detailed information about member ranches, including their locations, amenities, activities, and services. But why choose a DRA member for your getaway?

1. Emphasis on Guest Experience

All members of the DRA follow the six H’s of dude ranching: Horses, Hats, Hospitality, Heritage, Honesty, and Heart. These core principles emphasize the guest experience and capture the essence of dude ranching in Wyoming.

2. Highest Standards of Dude Ranch Industry

Dude ranches undergo a two-year inspection and approval process to receive an official membership. By choosing a member ranch, you can expect consistent excellence in accommodations, amenities, meals, and activities.

3. All-Inclusive Vacation Experience

All of our member ranches offer an all-inclusive vacation experience, with activities, lodging, and meals available at one convenient price. We offer activities to appeal to a wide range of interests, including hiking, fishing, river rafting, camping, and more! 

Book Your Getaway with Wyoming Dude Ranchers’ Association

Book your authentic western getaway with Wyoming Dude Ranchers’ Association today! No matter which Wyoming ranch you choose, you can trust that your chosen ranch has been carefully vetted and offers exceptional accommodations, a range of activities, and expert staff!