The Hideout is a very welcoming and organized ranch that is willing to do anything and everything reasonably possible to ensure you have a great visit. The Hideout is filled with charming and knowledgeable staff that are very approachable, friendly and helpful. One of the wranglers even helped me out when I got my car stuck in the snow.


From the moment I got off the plane, The Hideout helped me with my bags and loaded my things in the Ranch Vehicle. Once I got in the ranch vehicle and started on the road, I was educated and invited to learn all the neat things there was to learn about Wyoming. The Hideout taught me about the town of Cody including; the legendary Buffalo Bill Irma Hotel and Amazing Buffalo Bill and Whitney Gallery of western art museum. I also learned about the wild mustangs roaming around the country side close to The Hideout Ranch, which you can sometimes see if you’re watching closely enough.



As we drove up to the Ranch, I was in awe as to how big the ranch was. There are many things to do and explore at this 300,000 acre Ranch, being not only a fully operating dude ranch but also a fully functioning cattle and Farming Ranch as well. It is a true art to be able to run a ranch like The Hideout.




There seems to be renovations and improvements done constantly to ensure that guests have the absolute best of both worlds; spectacular views and top notch accommodations. Once I was welcomed into my beautiful Ritz Carlton-style home accommodations, I was attentively looked after to be sure that all my needs were met. The Hideout truly exceeded my expectations, starting with the beautiful house, which is fully furnished and is really like walking into my own home.




Anything I could possibly need in a home is all included at the Hideout home, From hairdryers, robes, cups, coasters, pots, pans, plates, silverware, knives, Tupperware containers, to sandwich bags, you cannot outsmart The Hideout, they thought of it all, including; a fully stocked laundry room with detergent and the works.





The Hideout is truly a home away from home. Peter Cabooter and Marjin Werquin are also two very loving and charming people. The knowledge they have about The Big Horn basin, the wild mustangs, and Wyoming history is comparable to going back in time and exploring the land for yourself.

Digsite overview


The proof of Wyoming’s history and age comes from all the dinosaurs dig sites that you can go and explore not too far from the ranch. The Dinosaur track site discovered on the ranch property is called Red Gulge Dinosaur Track Site.  Peter stated, “It is world renowned and The Smitsonian museum experts and experts from around the world worked on establishing the visiting center. We take guests to the dig sites where they can see real life digging and they (mostly young boys) can assist in digging for a day or an afternoon with the team of my friend Bob Simon of who dug up a couple years ago the most complete (90%) Camarasaurus, which now resides in a Tokio museum. Other world-renowned dinosaurs coming from the valley are Big Al (meat eating Allosaurus)”. The dinosaurs dig site (Red Gulch track site) is a really nice place to take the kids as they grab archeological digging tools and help find new fossils. Ins. pic The Hideout provides so much history that is so easily missed if you don’t stop by and visit.


The horseback riding is also incredible with such diverse, breath taking views. One moment you can be galloping through the snow, and the next you can be cruising along in 75 degree weather, enjoying the Red Rock formations. The hideout often trailers guests to different spots to ride in order for the guests to get a different experience each time you ride.

DSC_0144 DSC_0143

I was told that you never go on the same ride twice, during your whole visit. The hideout will be sure to give you the ride of your life, even down to some sharp looking chinks, which you can rent from the ranch. The Hideout even has custom made, extra comfort saddles, which can be upgraded from the provided custom saddles.

While I was at The Hideout I was taken out on an exciting ride with Marjin, Marjin, will frequently take guests out for a ride during the season, which is a very unique experience to have co-owners ride out with you. On my ride, we did a considerable amount of loping, which is more than I had expected from the typical rides that everyone is used to, where horses are nose to tail and only get about 1 or 2, 10-20 second lopes. I was also blown away by the responsiveness and good training of my horse. This horse did not feel like a normal dead head ranch horse.


The hideout takes pride in their Authentic Horsemanship horse training program. All the wranglers have a knowledge of the program and go through a class in order to be effective not only on horseback, but also in ensuring guests are safe and successful on their horse. The dude horses on the ranch go through and are trained through the Authentic Horsemanship program, which explains why these horses are so responsive but yet are docile enough for the novice rider. Be sure to stretch those legs out because you will be working every muscle as you gallop off into the mountains in search of cows or just because you can.

Some of Shells old cowboys can also be spotted and will talk to you about the old cowboy days and campfire worthy stories Ins. Pic . The Hideout took me to “Dirty Sallies”, which was a charming and authentic little place where you can enjoy a meal or just mingle with some of the locals in the area. Peter also took me on a cruise into town and showed me some of the renovations of the old convenience store that The Hideout now owns, in the main square. It was nice to see that The Hideout is also helping out the community by recovering some of these old buildings and bringing them back to life.

While I was at The Hideout I met many neat, homey and welcoming local people, and by the time I left, I had made many new friends. The Hideout Ranch was truly an amazing experience and is a place I look forward to visiting again soon.