Photo of western clothes, boots, and hats: dude ranch packing list

Grab your suitcase and get ready to pack for the ultimate western experience with Wyoming Dude Rancher’s Association. Your dude ranch packing list will vary depending on which of our ranches you visit, but some basics are needed at every ranch! Be prepared for a variety of activities, from horseback riding to fly fishing, by packing versatile clothing. And, of course, don’t forget your cowboy boots and hats!

A Helpful Wyoming Dude Ranch Packing List

The most important thing to remember when packing for your trip is versatility; the weather changes fast in the mountains, so packing clothes to layer is essential. Here is a general idea of things to include in your dude ranch packing list:

  • Cowboy Boots: Boots with a 1” heel are a must for horseback riding. Ensure your boots are broken in before your visit for the best results!
  • Cowboy hat: Not a must necessarily, but cowboy hats are practical and stylish for any Wyoming ranch vacation.
  • Jeans: Pack multiple pairs for horseback riding
  • Long Pants: Comfortable, lightweight pants for hiking or lounging around the ranch.
  • Hoodies, Coat, or Light Jacket: These are essentials for layering!
  • Windbreaker/raincoat: Weather shifts fast, so pack a raincoat to be prepared for rainy weather.
  • Hiking Boots: Hiking boots are recommended for our mountain trails, but tennis shoes can also work.
  • Long & Short Sleeve Shirts: Pack plenty of breathable shirts for layering for hiking, fishing, and horseback riding adventures.
  • Extra Socks: You can never have too many socks! Long wool socks are suggested, but make sure to pack a variety of options.
  • Swimsuit: Some of our ranches have hot tubs or swimming areas, so pack your swimsuit!

Non-Clothes Items to Pack

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Flashlight
  • Lightweight backpack
  • Games for downtime

Make sure to leave some room in your suitcase so that you can take back some souvenirs from the ranch! Many of our ranches have gift shops where you can purchase items like outerwear, mugs, and cowboy hats!

Find Your Perfect Wyoming Ranch Vacation Today!

This dude ranch packing list is a general idea; most Wyoming ranches include suggestions for what to pack on their websites. Whether you are looking for a rustic experience or a ranch with upscale amenities, there is something for everyone! If you have any questions or need assistance finding the right dude ranch for you, please contact us at 888-996-9372.