Summer is here!

Summer is here!


Summer is here and our Wyoming Ranches are getting ready for the guests arrival. It’s time to dust the lampshades, remove the cob webs from the window ceils and bring out the fresh linens to give the cabins a proper face lift.

Although some ranches stay open all year long, a lot of ranches go to sleep for the winter. It’s during these spring months that the ranches use this time to prep for opening. Some of this prep work includes clearing horse trails, cleaning saddles and bridles, organizing cabins, and of course a lot of landscaping and arranging.

Summer employees also start coming in and getting settled and trained during this time and take this time to learn everything there is to know to ensure the guests an authentic western experience. Don’t be fooled clearing trail is not as easy as it looks. If some of these horse trails go through national wilderness, only hand saws and axes can be used to cut and clear logs. After a long windy winter, there are bound to be many down trees and branches on the trail.


Let’s not forget the horses! Before the guests arrive the horses get their shoes on and their legs stretched out as they guide the new wranglers and show them everything they need to know about the trails. These horses have had a long winter vacationing and relaxing and getting fat off of their summer hay. During the winter, the horses will either stay at the ranch or will be turned out into bigger pastures. Where they can run and roam freely.

Since the horses have been on vacation they have to be conditioned and get back into shape in order to take guests out on trail rides. Horses undergo some fine tuning during this time as they fall out of practice.

When the guests arrive to the ranches there is not one detail missed. From the cabins, to the kitchen all the way to the barn, everything is fine tuned and ready to go for an unforgettable vacation.

Happy New Years!! 2017- Eclipse

New Years

2017  is here and many are already planning their new years resolutions and big plans for the year. This year will be the year of the solar eclipse! If you don’t already know about it, mark your calendars!

The Eclipse

This event will take place on August 21, 2017. In addition, this will be the first total solar eclipse visible from the continental United States in nearly four decades.  Wyoming is one of the best places to view this special event. In Wyoming you can witness this special event without pollution or giant buildings.

7d Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association, eclipse

7d Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association

Stay at a dude ranch for the eclipse 

We at the Wyoming dude ranchers association can help achieve this perfect experience. You can enjoy this full experience with your family while also enjoying the fresh air and great hospitable service that only comes with a dude ranch experience. Furthermore by coming out to a dude ranch, it will give you a chance to really appreciate the great outdoors. Lastly It will be an experience you will cherish year after year!





Christmas In Wyoming

Christmas is Finally here!! We are all ready to celebrate Christmas here at the Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association. Did you know that some dude ranches stay open even through the winter? It may be a little hard to believe, but there are things to do over the winter months at a dude ranch. There are activities like snowmobiling and horseback riding.

Never a dull moment at a Wyoming Dude Ranch even in the winter. Check out our specialty weeks and see if any of our ranches have any specials going on that you can surprise your family with this christmas

Veterans Day

Veterans Day



With all the excitement of the Election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump out of the way, we can relax and reflect on Veterans Day. On this special day, we observe and appreciate the sacrifice that our armed forces make. Its because of our armed forces that we can live in a country that is free and safe. The Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association salutes and thanks all those who have served our country.

What do people look for when they come to visit the United States? Is it our amusement parks? Is it our diverse landscape? Or perhaps is it the America that they see on T.V. that is not like any other land in this world?

When people think of America, they think of; statue of liberty, the White House, Disney Land, the land of the free and wide open spaces. They think of a land of opportunity and about the early settlements. Christopher Columbus, Ellis Island, and cowboys and Indians.

US History

In todays day in age we are all busy with glamour, fashion, social media and city lights. There are only a few places left in the U.S. that have been preserved from the hustle and bustle. Here in Wyoming we have one of the few places left in the United States where anyone can still go outside and see the stars at night without any interference from city lights.  In Wyoming you can slip back in time and enjoyed the unspoiled beauty around you. Traffic in Wyoming is Bison blocking the road and the only thief around here is the common pack rat who is known to scavenge anything shiny it sees.


Wyoming Dude Ranches

Here in the Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association we strive to give guests a little taste of that old U.S. history. When you come to one of our ranches, you can almost imagine what it must have been like to discover this beautiful land. When your planning your next (family) vacation, consider visiting one of our Wyoming Dude ranches and get a little taste of that old U.S. history.

Summer is almost here 4/27/2016

Summer is just around the corner! The flowers are starting to bloom and people are dusting their back patios, bringing out the cushions and throw pillows to spruce up their yards for BBQ season. If you have kids, they are probably wondering what your planning for their next fun adventure. Although Disneyland Park, originally Disney may be a magical adventure and it may be fun to visit Minnie and Mickie, it is nice to see something new.
Many families choose to go to places like Universal studios Hollywood, knots berry farm, and sea world year after year with their families, but find themselves thirsty to try a new adventure that is both magical for both young and old. The Wyoming dude ranchers association can give you just that. Enjoy the unspoiled outdoors, clean air, and miles and miles of adventure while on horseback or in some cases ATV’S
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Even Harry Potter enjoyed some time in the wide open country side when he was on break from Hogwarts and the wizarding world. Just as Harry Potter fly’s through the air on his magical broom, so can you, while feeling the wind blow through your hair as you gallop on horseback through the countryside in Wyoming.
Worried about all the costs that come with planning such an extravagant vacation? Not to worry, many of our ranches in the Wyoming dude ranchers association provide an all-inclusive stay. Once you arrive you never have to worry about where the kids have run off to and if they are safe.
They are safe and sound as if they were in the backyard back home. So before you consider going to another year at one of your go-to vacations spots, consider going outside the box, into the unknown, and onto a new adventure at one of our dude ranches.

St. Patrick’s day 3/18/2016

St Patrick’s Day is a very special day for the Irish people and for the rest of the world. St Patrick’s Day has become a globally recognized holiday for many to enjoy. Don’t forget to wear your green today to support the Irish. St. Patrick’s Day is the day of the Leprechaun and clovers for adults and children all over the world. I remember as a child, going out during recess trying to find a four leaf clover out on the grass.

In the dude ranching world St. Patrick’s Day holds a very special reminder of how grateful we are for the clover. Horses naturally eat grass as their source of energy and survival. Clover is an extra treat for the horses as clover in hay has higher protein than regular grass concentrated hay. Like anything else, Clover is to be taken in moderation as it can cause horse conditions such as slobbers and photosensitivity.

Just remember as you celebrate you St. Patrick’s Day, that the Wyoming dude ranches loves this special day as well as the horses.

Valentine’s Day 2/12/2016

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to surprise your sweetheart than with a romantic getaway to a cozy private cabin in one of the most beautiful areas in the United States. Wyoming has several things to offer that will prove to be an enjoyable and romantic getaway. Rediscover your significant others adventurous side; Loping down the trail on horseback, hiking up to breathtaking vistas, or whitewater rafting down a daring river.

Want to slow it down and smell the wildflowers? No problem! Our Wyoming dude ranches can do that too. Enjoy a relaxing day alongside the river fly fishing or spend a tranquil day by the pool. The Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association has a wide variety of ranches to fit your needs and tastes.  Some of our Wyoming ranches even have in house massage therapists and spa facilities for you and your sweetheart to relax and enjoy.

Have children? No Problem, many of our Wyoming Dude ranches have kids programs which can keep the kids busy while couples take a break from the busy life. Many ranches have kids programs which include riding and learning about horses while disconnecting with technology and reconnecting with nature. Remember TV shows like Leave it to Beaver, Lassie, and Dennis the Menace? Kids can play amongst other kids and have fun adventures at one of our Dude Ranches, Just as it was when you were a kid growing up.

Whether you’re planning on a valentines surprise to re-light the fire or to just to spend quality time with your loved ones, a Wyoming dude ranch will be a great choice and prove to be your best getaway yet. Packed with adventure, leisure, and outdoors all in one place, you cannot go wrong with planning a vacation at one of our Wyoming Dude Ranches!

Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association Blog: 2/7/2016

With super bowl 2016 already here, the Budweiser Clydesdale’s are getting harnessed up and getting ready for the big game. Taking a step back, one has to wonder what other uses these magnificent work horses serve in today’s world. For the Wyoming Dude Ranches Association, Wyoming Dude Ranches use work horses for many things such as; feeding, Children’s activities, wagon rides, packing and weddings.

Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association- Red Rock Ranch

These are but a few things these gentle giants can do. Working horses, including Clydesdales, are known for their gentle and calm nature, which is a good attribute to have when pulling a wagon, or packing valuables on a camping trip.

Feeding is an important job for these working horses during the winters. At times the Wyoming weather gets to be too rough to feed by truck. This is when the horses come in! They get harnessed up to pull a sleigh full of hay to feed all the horses.

Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association Red Rock Ranch

It is rewarding to witness your kid’s enjoying an exciting wagon ride pulled by these work horses as they help the wranglers feed the herd for the evening. Some of our Wyoming dude ranches also include children’s activities that include a wagon ride to a spot will have sing along campfires with s’mores, hotdogs, hamburgers and stories.


Working horses are not just for wagon rides and children’s activities! Adults can experience them first hand as well! Many of the Wyoming Dude Ranch work horses also serve as pack horses. They can pack necessities for camping/ hunting trips, such as; pots, pans, food, axes, tents, wood, etc. Working horses can even pack people. Yes, these working horses can also be ridden. Wyoming Dude Ranches often use working horses as mounts for adults of all shapes and sizes, from the tall basketball players to the buff defense NFL athletes. There are no boundaries for these working horses.

_90A9847-64 LCR-9402 LCR-9585 Penning-9888 Riding-7706

As you sit to enjoy your super bowl Panthers vs. Broncos game and see the Budweiser Clydesdales, remember there are plenty of these strong, gentle giants in Wyoming waiting for you and your family to come and visit!


Eaton’s Ranch

Eaton’s Ranch

Eaton’s Ranch blog 3/3/2014

Natasha at Eaton's Ranch

Where they first came up with the word “Dude” in dude ranching. This cozy ranch is tucked away by the serene and mountainous Big Horn National forest. There is quite a bit of history to learn and enjoy here at this beautiful ranch.


As I first pulled into Eaton’s Ranch, I was warmly welcomed and felt right at home. The staff was very helpful, informative and attentive to my questions and needs.


At Eaton’s Ranch you cant help but feel like your going back in time to the old cowboy days, with the ranch having such a historical background being visited by even Theodore Roosevelt who had such a pleasant experience at Eaton’s Ranch that he even wrote a letter to the ranch. This letter can now be seen hanging in the Eaton’s Ranch office.





When I visited Eaton’s ranch, I slept in the most comfortable newly renovated room, upstairs from the main lodge, which gave such an authentic old western movie saloon feel.  In the winter time, the main lodge works as a bed and breakfast, where you can sleep upstairs and then come downstairs for breakfast, Lunch and dinner.




The main lodge area downstairs has a newly renovated saloon where I enjoyed the company of Bonnie, the bar tender and other guests. Eaton’s Ranch made me feel like part of the family while I was there.


Time seems to stop as you relax and enjoy meeting other guests who also share the same joy that comes with staying at such a welcoming and beautiful place.


Mary (fifth generation Eaton) was full of knowledge and really brought the ranch to life for me as what it was like in the old days when her ancestors settled and managed the ranch. It is rare to find ranch owners who are direct ancestry of the original founders of the ranch in the late 1800. The Eaton family truly are a very humble and caring people who have passion for introducing people to the originality of dude ranching.






Many new ranches have embraced and Implemented modern elements into their ranches. Conversely, Eaton’s Ranch has managed to preserve its authenticity, with cozy cabins, many of which date back to the early 1900s.




With 51 Cabins available, each cabin has its own charm and offers different accommodations which can surely meet anyone’s needs.


While exploring around the property, I enjoyed walking along the peaceful Wolf Creek stream which passes through the ranch and offers a breathtaking forest experience and for those who choose to stay in the cabins bordering the stream



While walking around Eaton’s ranch it is not rare to run into wildlife such as the white tail deer who are frequent guests at Eaton’s Ranch.


Eaton’s Ranch is also one of the few ranches that allow experienced riders to take their own Eaton’s ranch horse out for a self-guided ride. On a self-guided ride you can truly get a feel for what it must have felt like for the original settlers to have explored the area. Not to worry, for those of you who are a little concerned about getting lost, there is an incredible staff of knowledgeable wranglers who can also take you out and show you the ropes of the trail.

What a truly remarkable and amazing visit I had at Eaton’s ranch, where I felt such a warmth and sense of belonging. This truly is a must visit ranch.

The Hideout

Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association Blog: 10/7/2013

The Hideout is a very welcoming and organized ranch that is willing to do anything and everything reasonably possible to ensure you have a great visit. The Hideout is filled with charming and knowledgeable staff that are very approachable, friendly and helpful. One of the wranglers even helped me out when I got my car stuck in the snow.



From the moment I got off the plane, The Hideout helped me with my bags and loaded my things in the Ranch Vehicle. Once I got in the ranch vehicle and started on the road, I was educated and invited to learn all the neat things there was to learn about Wyoming. The Hideout taught me about the town of Cody including; the legendary Buffalo Bill Irma Hotel and Amazing Buffalo Bill and Whitney Gallery of western art museum. I also learned about the wild mustangs roaming around the country side close to The Hideout Ranch, which you can sometimes see if you’re watching closely enough.



As we drove up to the Ranch, I was in awe as to how big the ranch was. There are many things to do and explore at this 300,000 acre Ranch, being not only a fully operating dude ranch but also a fully functioning cattle and Farming Ranch as well. It is a true art to be able to run a ranch like The Hideout.




There seems to be renovations and improvements done constantly to ensure that guests have the absolute best of both worlds; spectacular views and top notch accommodations. Once I was welcomed into my beautiful Ritz Carlton-style home accommodations, I was attentively looked after to be sure that all my needs were met. The Hideout truly exceeded my expectations, starting with the beautiful house, which is fully furnished and is really like walking into my own home.




Anything I could possibly need in a home is all included at the Hideout home, From hairdryers, robes, cups, coasters, pots, pans, plates, silverware, knives, Tupperware containers, to sandwich bags, you cannot outsmart The Hideout, they thought of it all, including; a fully stocked laundry room with detergent and the works.





The Hideout is truly a home away from home. Peter Cabooter and Marjin Werquin are also two very loving and charming people. The knowledge they have about The Big Horn basin, the wild mustangs, and Wyoming history is comparable to going back in time and exploring the land for yourself.

Digsite overview


The proof of Wyoming’s history and age comes from all the dinosaurs dig sites that you can go and explore not too far from the ranch. The Dinosaur track site discovered on the ranch property is called Red Gulge Dinosaur Track Site.  Peter stated, “It is world renowned and The Smitsonian museum experts and experts from around the world worked on establishing the visiting center. We take guests to the dig sites where they can see real life digging and they (mostly young boys) can assist in digging for a day or an afternoon with the team of my friend Bob Simon of who dug up a couple years ago the most complete (90%) Camarasaurus, which now resides in a Tokio museum. Other world-renowned dinosaurs coming from the valley are Big Al (meat eating Allosaurus)”. The dinosaurs dig site (Red Gulch track site) is a really nice place to take the kids as they grab archeological digging tools and help find new fossils. Ins. pic The Hideout provides so much history that is so easily missed if you don’t stop by and visit.


The horseback riding is also incredible with such diverse, breath taking views. One moment you can be galloping through the snow, and the next you can be cruising along in 75 degree weather, enjoying the Red Rock formations. The hideout often trailers guests to different spots to ride in order for the guests to get a different experience each time you ride.

DSC_0144 DSC_0143

I was told that you never go on the same ride twice, during your whole visit. The hideout will be sure to give you the ride of your life, even down to some sharp looking chinks, which you can rent from the ranch. The Hideout even has custom made, extra comfort saddles, which can be upgraded from the provided custom saddles.

While I was at The Hideout I was taken out on an exciting ride with Marjin, Marjin, will frequently take guests out for a ride during the season, which is a very unique experience to have co-owners ride out with you. On my ride, we did a considerable amount of loping, which is more than I had expected from the typical rides that everyone is used to, where horses are nose to tail and only get about 1 or 2, 10-20 second lopes. I was also blown away by the responsiveness and good training of my horse. This horse did not feel like a normal dead head ranch horse.


The hideout takes pride in their Authentic Horsemanship horse training program. All the wranglers have a knowledge of the program and go through a class in order to be effective not only on horseback, but also in ensuring guests are safe and successful on their horse. The dude horses on the ranch go through and are trained through the Authentic Horsemanship program, which explains why these horses are so responsive but yet are docile enough for the novice rider. Be sure to stretch those legs out because you will be working every muscle as you gallop off into the mountains in search of cows or just because you can.

Some of Shells old cowboys can also be spotted and will talk to you about the old cowboy days and campfire worthy stories Ins. Pic . The Hideout took me to “Dirty Sallies”, which was a charming and authentic little place where you can enjoy a meal or just mingle with some of the locals in the area. Peter also took me on a cruise into town and showed me some of the renovations of the old convenience store that The Hideout now owns, in the main square. It was nice to see that The Hideout is also helping out the community by recovering some of these old buildings and bringing them back to life.

While I was at The Hideout I met many neat, homey and welcoming local people, and by the time I left, I had made many new friends. The Hideout Ranch was truly an amazing experience and is a place I look forward to visiting again soon.

Wyoming Ranches